Electrical Controls

At VarcoMac, we know logic and controls. We are skilled in installing, programming, and maintaining electrical control systems.

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Electrical Controls Maintenance & Design

VarcoMac has the experience and expertise to handle all your commercial electrical control needs, no matter the complexity or project size. From design and pre-construction planning to installation and beyond, our certified team of engineers are able to create custom controls that are perfect for your project. We have the diverse background and knowledge required to offer industry-leading control integration.

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    What We Do

    • Control Systems Design & Construction
    • Electrical Service for Transformers, Voltage Regulators & Panels
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Building Power Supply Troubleshooting & Repair
    • Motion Detection Alarm Systems
    • Building Automation Controls Integration & Maintenance
    • Wiring Distribution and Terminations
    • Control System Architecture
    • Logic Diagrams
    • PLC Programming

    Industry-Leading Electrical Control System Contractors

    Our VarcoMac experts lead the pack by staying up to date on all the latest control innovations and industry codes. We create a collaborative atmosphere where our engineers work together to create custom solutions that need the exact needs of our clients. We work seamlessly with clients, architects, and general contractors to create control systems that are well integrated and meet every need. We offer electrical control system design and installation, including motor starters, PLC programming, and logic programming, that can optimize the function of any building’s electrical systems and automation. 

    VarcoMac's Quality Maintenance Commitment

    From the most secure government buildings in the Washington metro area to your local post office, VarcoMac understands the importance of having properly installed, tested, and maintained control systems. Preventative maintenance helps keep your building online and your systems efficient, but when breakdowns happen, it’s always good to have a company that will respond as fast as possible. 

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