Delivering Quality & Value On Each Project


We started out as your hometown electrical contractor, and even after 40 years, that is something that hasn’t changed. The Mid-Atlantic is where we live and where we work, and we have kept our commitment to building and enhancing our communities for four decades. We work smart, and seize every opportunity to give our clients more than we guaranteed.



Driven by passion and united by purpose, we are VarcoMac. Our story goes beyond enhancing the communities where we live and work. We each have something that makes us unique and different, and that makes our collaboration richer. We create a culture of teaching and learning through cross-mentoring that spans generations, disciplines, interests, and talents. We strive to give each person exposure to the widest array of experiences possible to help them grow farther and faster than they could anywhere else.


We value every member of our team, recruiting talented individuals who are a great fit both in skill as well as in mindset. It’s not just skill that is important – customer service and the drive to learn and grow help us turn teammates into leaders. Those traits that helped our leaders to found and grow the company are carried on today, and we see them as integral to our team members and company culture. We look for team members with the right attitude, who want to grow as professionals and serve the customer.


We’re always pushing toward the leading edge, and at VarcoMac we embrace the latest in construction technology and see it as another valuable tool to provide the best client-experience for our customers. We believe that investment in technology and the training to use it are invaluable for growing our team and our communities. By being early adapters, our customers enjoy improved communication through multiple channels, rest assured of optimized budgeting and scheduling and know that we are providing the safest worksite.


At VarcoMac, part of our idea of family is that everyone gets home for dinner. That means everyone who walks onto the site walks off. Our investment in work safety, from training and seminars to the most up-to-date equipment, ensures that your project will be completed under safe conditions. It’s not just peace of mind for our family, it’s peace of mind for you.

VarcoMac is a member of the Therma Holdings family of companies. Therma Holdings is the parent to a family of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and controls companies across the nation, offering superior service and in-house design and installation capabilities to solve the complex challenges of our clients’ evolving needs.