Biomedical Electrical Services

With almost four decades of experience in electrical design, construction, maintenance, and repair, VarcoMac is a premier provider of electrical installation services, preventative programs and biomedical electrical maintenance, design, and construction for the biomedical and biotechnical industries in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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A Trusted Name in Biomedical Electrical Construction for Labs & Facilities

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    Equipment Install

    What We Do

    • Electrical Service for Transformers, Voltage Regulators & Panels
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Generator Troubleshooting & Repair
    • Switches, Switchgears & Motor Controls
    • Electric Fault Finding & Repair
    • Wiring Distribution and Terminations
    • Building Power Supply Troubleshooting & Repair
    • Electrical Equipment Maintenance
    • Motion Detection Alarm Systems

    Trusted in Biomedical Equipment Installation

    VarcoMac is honored to have worked with some of the most trusted names in biotechnology, such as Amgen, Grifols, Allergan, Baxter and Genentech.
    Our technical knowledge, years of experience and dedication to continual development make us a supplier you can rely on for your biomedical equipment design, construction, installation, and maintenance needs.

    Biomedical Electrical and Mechanical Construction and Renovation

    At VarcoMac, we have decades of experience serving clients in the biopharma and biotechnical spaces. We design and build validated electrical systems, monitored with automated industrial controls.

    In addition to designing and installing new biomedical electrical systems, we can renovate and service your existing biomedical and biotechnical electrical systems to keep all operations running smoothly. Plus, all services are undertaken by our own in-house technicians, meaning work completed quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost for our customers.

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