This data hall fit-out included the installation of five 3750kVA utility transformers, five 3MW generators, five Generator switchboards and five UPS skid lineups, each consisting of a 4000A auto transfer service switchboard, 3000A UPS switchboard, and two 1000KVA UPS lineups. Eight miles of feeder MC cable were installed in three tiers of cable tray, three trays wide from the gear lineups to the forty PDUs, fifty CRAC units, generator panels, UPS panels, and various other house panels. Two miles of 1000mcm XHHW were installed in cable bus from the generators and utility transformers to the UPS skid lineups. The project schedule allowed thirteen weeks from mobilization to start of commissioning. Due to delays in procurement of the mechanical equipment, the installation of the feeder MC cable was delayed four weeks. Despite this, the original project milestones were maintained.

This project received a 2019 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award for Power Generation, Distribution and Switchgear.