Smoke and Fire Alarm System Testing

 Fire alarm systems must to be inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with local adaptations of codes and standards. VarcoMac has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in navigating complex fire code and maintaining your fire systems to ensure safety and compliance.  

Fire Alarm Assessment Codes and Standards

There are two established organisations of codes and standards that local authorities can adopt partially or in their entirety:

  • International Code Council (ICC)
      • ICC publications include the International Fire Code (IFC) and the International Building Code (IBC). Section 403 of the IBC includes requirements for fire safety.
    • NFPA 1 is the basic fire code, but the organization has over 300 separate documents covering a range of system and building types. 

Local standards and codes vary greatly, even within the same state. Our technicians here at Varco are familiar with all local variations requirements, therefore can ensure your fire protection system design and maintenance adheres to minimum local statutory requirements.

However, these minimum requirements may not be enough to protect your facility. Before building or renovating, it is worth taking the time to learn about fire protection options and to evaluate how changes in the layout of the building can affect the safety of people and property.

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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Testing Division

Varco’s Fire Protection Division designs, fabricates, installs, and services fire sprinkler systems. Our staff of NICET certified designers, licensed union trained field technicians and experienced project managers are each dedicated to maintaining quality, control and safety from project development through completion. 

We specialize in the medical, office, retail and light industrial markets from small tenant improvements to large new construction projects. With Varco  you can be rest assured that your fire protection project will be completed on time and in a professional manner.

Fire Safety Professionals

Varco understands that communication, coordination and in-depth industry knowledge are all essentials in achieving project success.

We can help you navigate local fire codes and ensure your fire and smoke alarm systems are operating to specification, keeping your premises and people safe at all times.

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