Military Electrical Management

VarcoMac provides comprehensive electrical services for military facilities & critical systems. From installation & electrical construction through to preventative maintenance & reactive repair.  

Servicing Military Fire Safety & Electrical Facilities

VarcoMac is a key partner for outsourcing the maintenance & repair of electrical systems, ensuring military facilities & critical systems are not jeopardized by unnecessary electrical breakdowns & failures.

Our tailored preventative maintenance programs can mitigate the risk of operation disruptions caused by electrical breakdown and failures and lowers overheads by expanding the life span of electrical components.

Our expert services are versatile and exhaustive to ensure the needs of our military customers are met. This includes estate planned, reactive maintenance and life cycle, project maintenance.

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Commercial and Industrial Electrical Maintenance Solutions

What We Do


Electrical Service for Transformers, Voltage Regulators & Panels


Overcurrent Protection


Generator Troubleshooting & Repair


Switches, Switchgears & Motor Controls


Electric Fault Finding & Repair


Wiring Distribution and Terminations


Building Power Supply Troubleshooting & Repair


Electrical Equipment Maintenance


Motion Detection Alarm Systems

Who Do We Cater To?

Military Electrical Solutions

Servicing Electrical systems is what VarcoMac is built around— it’s how we got our start. Our company has over fifty years of history maintaining and fixing systems across the region. From high-tech data centers to military bases, we are prepared to tackle systems from all industries.

We have an in-house  team, possessing the expertise and resources to quickly respond to and resolve any electrical issues you may face. VarcoMac can implement preventative electrical maintenance plans designed to minimise the chance of  future occurrences that may threaten the resilience of military buildings and operations.

Our Promise

VarcoMac are committed to delivering only the best miitary facility maintenance solutions around.

This ethos sits at the heart of our culture and has done since the day we founded. Our customer service is unrivaled and we deliver quality, robust to solutions to every client, every time.

Our Preventive Maintenance Services