Industrial Electrical Maintenance Services

VarcoMac’s electrical preventative maintenance service can stop issues before they occur, keeping your business operational and minimising costly disruptions.  

Industrial Electrical Preventative Maintenance

VarcoMac’s expert electrical engineers & technicians can ensure your business’s electrical & fire safety systems are running effectively, and by implementing a preventative maintenance program, we can ensure that your electrical systems and business keep running effectively. This can reduce overheads by minimizing downtime, repairs, and the need to replace electrical equipment & systems.  Covering Washington DC, Maryland & the wider Mid-Atlantic Region, VarcoMac have spent the last 4 decades ensuring that its industrial & commercial clients can keep their lights on (and their critical systems running).

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Commercial and Industrial Electrical Maintenance Solutions

What We Do


Electrical Service for Transformers, Voltage Regulators & Panels


Overcurrent Protection


Generator Troubleshooting & Repair


Switches, Switchgears & Motor Controls


Electric Fault Finding & Repair


Wiring Distribution and Terminations


Building Power Supply Troubleshooting & Repair


Electrical Equipment Maintenance


Motion Detection Alarm Systems

Who Do We Cater To?

Industrial Electrical Repair

VarcoMac is an industrial maintenance company committed to delivering the best manufacturing plant electrical solutions around.

It’s not just a catch phrase, it’s embedded in our culture. It is what allows us to service our clients with robust solutions, without compromising quality or efficiency.  Our skilled technicians can resolve any electrical failures your business may experience, getting you operational as soon as possible.

Our Preventive Maintenance Services